Friday, 19 April 2013

Rum-Bar Flex Week "Just Flex and Live" (Experience the true spirit of independence)

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10 Events; 2 Cities, 1 Band, 1 Week; RumBar FLEX Week : Experience the true spirit of Independence (Aug. 1st to 6th) 

Location : Portmore / Kingston 
1.  Rum-Bar Marco Polo - JA's biggest premiere drinks inclusive water event with multiple attractions. 

2.  Rum-Bar Summer Flex - The only INCLUSIVE live performance event

3.  Rum-Bar Juice Theory - Premium inclusive event, with mixology bar, topless bar, wetzone and bodyshot bar with chocolate whip cream

4.  Rum-Bar Reminisce - Premium inclusive 80s/90s event, with celebrity guest appearance

5. Rum-Bar 12 to 12 - Premium ULTRA inclusive beach event, with live performances

6.  Rum-Bar LEVELS - The ultimate inclusive event with high roller's bar, 2 for 1 ladies and a special guest host

7.  Rum-Bar GOAL Score - A penalty kick-off competition play off & presentation with $2 MILLION as cash prize

8.  Rum-Bar Frenchbook Live - Super inclusive beach event with live performance

9.  Worthy Gold IMAGE - Premium All White beach event with class, elegance and sophistication

10.  RumBar Chug It - Drink all you can fi only a GRAN

For updates, giveaways & general info. View & follow @RumBarFlexWeek on Twitter & / or Instagram : rumbarflexweek 

18 Years & Older, Drink Responsibly
Absolutely No Weapons Allowed

"Just FLEX & Live"


                    Rum-bar FLEX WEEK Aug 1-6........CARNIVAL TAKEOVER PROMO

Watch the @RumbarFlexWeek #FlexTeam and the #RumbarFlexGirls TAKE OVER CARNIVAL - dem a go hard @ Carnival 2013 Road March.... "JUS FLEX N LIVE"

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  1. Save you money and make it Summer Jam at Club acopoca, Dunrobin Plaza. Season band only $3000 to 4 events: 1. The Launch August 1st 2. Night Rave (a GLOW PARTY) 3. BUBBLE UP (a bikini foam party) 4. Drizzle(WaterParty). Cool off in Kingston and Save you' gas. For more info read